Course Teaching

BMED 3091 — Contemporary Issues in Mathematics Education

Undergraduate course. This course surveys selectedcurrent topics and trends affecting mathematics education. Thiscourse aims to expand students’ horizon in frontier research andcontemporary issues in mathematics education. The goal of examining…


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Course Taught

EDUC 4030D – Teaching Practice (I)

Undergraduate course. Provides students with the opportunity to integrate theory and practice in real classroom setting. Close collaboration between the course instructor, teaching practice supervisors and the participating schools allows us to plan and organize different learning activities for our students. In doing so, students will be able to develop a working relationship with the…

BMED 4510 – Action Research in Mathematics Classroom

Undergraduate course. This course is designed to familiarize students with the nature of action research in reflective and critical perspectives. This course also aims at familiarizing learners with the theoretical and practical aspects of action research as applied to mathematics education and with different types of data collection and analysis in a classroom setting. (Spring…

PEDU 6126 – Selected Topics in STEAM Education and Research

Graduate course. This course is designed to extend participants’ understanding about STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts, and Mathematics) education by drawing substantially on the theories and research findings in STEAM education. It examines the current status, prospects and research developments of STEAM education with regard to students’ learning process, discipline discourse, teaching and teacher…


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Postdoctoral Supervision

Biyao Liang, Postdoctoral Fellow (supported by Hong Kong RGC Research Fellowship Scheme), 2021-2022. [Currently Assistant Professor at University of Hong Kong]

Doctoral Student Supervisions

Current Doctoral Students Law Lok Kan (Doctor of Education; 2019-Present) Shi Lian (Doctor of Philosophy; 2020-Present) Chan Ting Hin (Doctor of Education; 2020-Present) Cui Zhihao (Doctor of Philosophy; 2021-Present) Huiyan…

MSc Student Supervisions

Conference presentations and proceedings co-authored with graduate (MSc in Mathematics Education) students Wong, W., & Ng, O. (2018). Learning algebraic expressions through rich tasks with learners’ generated examples. Proceedings of the…

Teaching Grants

Teaching Highlights

CU in the CLOUD Live Lessons 2021

由Prof. Ng Oi Lam 指導,BMED 學員製作的數學影片會定期上載至YouTube,歡迎瀏覽「中大雲上師:數學教育」。) 2021年課堂 報名連結:https://forms.gle/sHzJCmmuy4dp6Knm7  課題 學習重點課堂日期課堂時間授課語言YouTube Live連結數學的應用(1): COVID 介紹傳染基本系數及推算感染人數探索檢測準確度的計算方法探討有關新冠病毒報導的謬誤3月5日(五)5:00-5:30pm廣東話 https://youtu.be/2kYIPStrLCM備戰DSE (1)破解相似三角形、全等三角形解决因式分解三次方程的新方法三角形四心攻略4月10日(六)11:00-11:30am廣東話 https://youtu.be/pmq8w8aMi4s2021 DSE數學科試後分析及備戰計劃 DSE考題畫圖技巧 學識預判題目的考核重點5月7日(五)5:00-5:30pm廣東話 https://youtu.be/DMDFGYqWq48數學與邏輯分析數學陳述句簡介邏輯運算符號6月4日(五)5:00-5:30pm廣東話 https://youtu.be/NUCaGgCuG7M初中數學溫習 溫習斜率(slope)的概念解題的技巧和順序7月2日(五)5:00-5:30pm廣東話 https://youtu.be/YgnADWiDtJs籌備中籌備中8月20日(五)5:00-5:30pm廣東話 籌備中

CU in the CLOUD: Live Lessons 2020

CU in the CLOUD: Maths Education for Hong Kong Students 五月份課堂 學習階段課題學習重點課堂日期課堂時間授課語言YouTube Live連結中學中學增潤課題(一)關於質數、完美長方體、有理數的不解之謎5月15日(星期五)下午3時至3時30分廣東話 /英文Link/連結高中中學增潤課題(二)以「無窮小量」概念推論圓形面積及探討圖象面積變化5月22日(星期五)下午3時至3時30分廣東話 /英文Link/連結中學中學增潤課題(三)基本「組合賽局」理論:怎樣勝出遊戲?5月29日(星期五)下午3時至3時30分廣東話 /英文Link/連結

CU in the CLOUD: YouTube Channel

Dr. Oi-Lam Ng and the CUHK B.Ed. in Mathematics and Mathematics Education Year 4 and Year 5 students present: “CU in the CLOUD: Maths Education” YouTube Channel! We offer a…