“The more people that care for the rational, critical thinking, the better the world will be. The more they have access to knowledge about the rest of the world, the better the world will be. ” – Seymour Papert

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Supporting Hong Kong ethnic minority learners’ multimodal mathematics learning through responsive teaching in technology-enhanced environments

Principal Investigator (2022-present). This study’s dual aims are: (1) to develop Hong Kong teachers’ expertise in supporting ethnic minority students’ mathematical learning in multimodal, technological learning environments, (2) to uncover ethnic minority students’ competences in mathematical activities in dynamic geometry environments through examining their multimodal discourse (e.g. words, gestures, and touchscreen dragging). Funded by the…

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Mathematical Problem Solving through Digital Making: Envisioning a Computationally Enhanced Mathematics Curriculum in Hong Kong’s Primary and Secondary Schools

Principal Investigator (2021-present). This study builds on the PI’s previously developed conception of “learning as Making” to envision a computationally enhanced mathematics curriculum. It will inform the “big picture” of how using computers might fundamentally change mathematical thinking, with an emphasis on mathematical problem solving (and more generally, STEM learning). Funded by the Research Grants…

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The Effects of Implementing a ‘Learning as Making’ Pedagogy on School Mathematics Learning: Primary Students’ Inquiry-based Making with 3D Printing Pens

Principal Investigator. (2019-2021). This design-based research explores the effect of a ‘learning as Making’ pedagogy in mathematics education through designing and implementing a series of teaching experiments in Hong Kong primary schools. Funded by Research Grant Council (Hong Kong), Early Career Scheme ($499,381 HKD) Publications: Project details 8+ Schools cooperating with us 50+ Teachers joining…

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