Undergraduate Student Supervisions

Conference presentations co-authored with undergraduate students

Ng, O., Cheng, W. K., Siu, K. S., Ng, T. K. (2020). Mathematical Problem Solving through Digital Making. Paper accepted for presentation at The 14th International Congress on Mathematical Education. Shanghai, China.

Journal articles co-authored with undergraduate students

Yeung, W.L., & Ng, O. (2021). Developing the meaning of volume and deriving the volume of hemispheres with dynamic geometry. International Journal of Mathematical Education in Science and Technologyhttps://doi.org/10.1080/0020739X.2021.1949058

Ng, O., Tsang, W. K., Tsoi, C. K., Ng, W. H., Cheng, P. K. (2020). Teaching secondary mathematics students about climate change: Towards an environmentally conscious mathematics education. EduMath, 42.

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