MSc Student Supervisions

Conference presentations and proceedings co-authored with graduate (MSc in Mathematics Education) students Wong, W., & Ng, O. (2018). Learning algebraic expressions through rich tasks with learners’ generated examples. Proceedings of the 8th ICMI-East Asia Regional Conference on Mathematics Education (p.164). Taipei, Taiwan. Ho, C.O., Ng, O. (2017). Investigating secondary students’ concept images on division algorithm and relation between these … Continue reading MSc Student Supervisions

Undergraduate Student Supervisions

Conference presentations co-authored with undergraduate students Ng, O., Cheng, W. K., Siu, K. S., Ng, T. K. (2020). Mathematical Problem Solving through Digital Making. Paper accepted for presentation at The 14th International Congress on Mathematical Education. Shanghai, China. Journal articles co-authored with undergraduate students Yeung, W.L., & Ng, O. (2021). Developing the meaning of volume … Continue reading Undergraduate Student Supervisions