Display Temperature & Room Capacity Monitor

Problem-based Digital Making Tasks

  1. Make a thermometer to display the temperature in this room right now.
  2. Make a tally counter to keep track of the number of people entering this room.
  3. Make a device that monitors the room capacity with LED indicators. Set three levels of room capacity for this room: (a) well below capacity, (b) reaching capacity, (c) over capacity.
  4. Make a device that monitors three levels of temperature levels with LED indicators.

How CT may Support Mathematics Learning

Different ways to handle cases are called upon; reusing and remixing from the temperature module to monitor room capacity can be utilised; setting variables and checking conditionals with inequalities to execute certain functions.

Possible Solutions

Reference: Ng, O., & Cui, Z. (accepted). Towards a computationally enhanced mathematics education: Primary students’ problem-based digital making. ZDM: The International Journal of Mathematics Education.

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